IELTS Reading

With respect from the best IELTS Training Centre in Madurai namely IELTS Madurai the IELTS Reading is simple test module for passionate students. This IELTS Reading is one of the key test modules where students could get high band score.

The best IELTS coaching centre in Madurai namely IELTS Madurai conveys that it is better for students to focus sincerely. In fact there are two question types respectively as

  • True/False/Not given: fact based
  • Yes/No/Not given: opinion based

In each case the students require to decide if the details in the text agree with the information in the question. In these “Yes/No/Not given” questions, the students are generally asked to look for the writer’s opinions rather than facts.

The best IELTS training centre in Madurai namely IELTS Madurai suggest that the key skill here is to understand that students are interpreting the text and the question. It means actually students require to read closely and pay attention to what the writer means. Don’t think of it just as a skimming question, rather a question where students require reading parts of the text and the whole question closely. Then decide what the writer means.


In this True/Yes, there is a detail in the text that agrees exactly with the statement in the question. Note that students would almost cinch require to look for synonyms here and match meaning.

While this False/No, there is information in the text which is directly opposite to or contradicts the statement in the question. Again note that students would also require thinking about meaning here. They should pay careful attention to “little” words that qualify or change meaning respectively as: some, all, often, occasionally.

In the case of Not Given type it is the one that normally causes most problems. Something is not given if there are no details about it in the text. It is better advised that students should not spend ages looking for Not Given answers because they would waste time.

The above IELTS Reading from IELTS Madurai is dedicated for global passionate students. The best IELTS training centre in Madurai namely IELTS Madurai is efficaciously publishing numerous blog articles for benefit of passionate students. In conclusion and final analysis the best IELTS coaching centre in Madurai namely IELTS Madurai frames this adept IELTS Reading guidance in benefit of global students.

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