How to get Band Score 7 in IELTS

According to best IELTS training centre in Madurai namely IELTS Madurai they professionally enumerate How to get Band Score 7 in IELTS for benefit of passionate students. It is best recommended that the students need to increase their sentence-reading speed. The faster and more accurately you read the more questions students could able to answer. From all the tests, the apt instructions, the example, and the questions must require to be read quickly. IT therefore must be well understood in order for students to have more time in finding apt answers. So pay attention in increasing your overall reading speed.

In another important aspect of improvement is to develop a memory for English. From the Reading Test, it pays to remember as much as students could of what have just read, but at least the words could be read again. When you take up Listening Test the students cannot go back, and the tape is only played once.

If the accurate answer comes before the keyword/phrase, your memory of what you have just heard is even more vital and key. Moreover the answer usually follows the keywords/phrases that you hear, and is close in time to the main keyword/phrase you are actually listening for.


It is best recommended that students must read the instructions carefully. According to IELTS Madurai the candidates who do not read or listen to the instructions carefully might believe they are saving time,but the adept instructions contain key information which must be understood in order to fid answers correctly.

How to get Band Score 7 in IELTS might be easy if passionate student’s follow the apt instructions offered by IELTS Madurai. The rules of passage might contain information about the passage topic which assists to predict what you may hear or read. It is revealed that instructions convey you what to do, what kind of answer to give, and, in the case of the Listening Test instructions, they exactly convey you when to answer. It is most vital to read the instructions quickly and accurately. It is often said that students might not have time to complete the test if you are too slow at reading the explanatory details.

Eventually according to IELTS Madurai which is considered as the best training centre for IELTS in Madurai enumerates about the importance of example. The example conveys you how to give the answer to questions. Also the example gives you details about the listening or reading passage and finally the example suggests you when to start listening, or where to start reading to find the answers.

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