How to get Band Score 7 in IELTS Writing

With respect from best IELTS training centre in Madurai namely IELTS Madurai they efficaciously enumerate How to get Band Score 7 in IELTS Writing for benefit of passionate students. No matter what graph, diagram or table the students are describing, they shouldn’t break these rules namely as report must be of at least 150 words written in 20 minutes. Moreover you shouldn’t write your personal opinion or copy words from the task prompt or rephrase and utilize synonyms instead. It is suggested that never students should use bullets, write as though you were writing an essay or a letter.

In fact when Academic Writing Task 1 is actually graded by IELTS examiners, they look for this structure respectively as Introduction, Body and Conclusion. The Introduction must describe the purpose of your report and convey what overall trends you view.

For instance, if the graph is increasing up or dropping down, you must mention that. The students require remembering that you are describing a graph to someone who doesn’t view it. Write what the graph is all about, its vital dates and location.


The Body must actually describe the most key trends, while all details is summarized to avoid unnecessary information’s. For instance, if there is a graph that has 2 peaks, you must mention them; convey when those peaks appeared and what the peak values are. Notice how many distinctive features the diagram has and divide details into relevant paragraphs, one paragraph per feature. The student must viably link the paragraphs by sentences that logically connect them to one another.

According to best IELTS training centre in Madurai namely IELTS Madurai it is important that students require writing about all the periods of time and all respective subjects of graph. If it illustrates numerous years (2010, 2012, 2014) – write about all of them, if it is all about men and women – write about both. Though students should remember, summarizing doesn’t actually mean throwing away details. How to get Band Score 7 in IELTS Writing is easy if students apply good techniques. 

The secret here is to choose what’s vital, organize it, compare and contrast. Eventually the Conclusion should sum up the global trends illustrated on the graph and compare them if possible. How to get Band Score 7 in IELTS Writing guidance from best IELTS training centre in Madurai namely IELTS Madurai is beneficial for global passionate students.


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