IELTS Coaching Centre in Madurai – Writing Tips

IELTS writing tips can assist you in obtaining a band 8 in the IELTS writing test. The IELTS writing test is divided into two sections: Academic writing and General training writing. IELTS academic writing topics are relevant for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.  IELTS Coaching Centre in Madurai – Writing Tips is discussed in this blog.

Topics for IELTS General Training writing are drawn from magazines, books, newspapers, business handbooks, guidelines, and notices that you might come across on a daily basis in English-speaking regions of the world.

IELTS Writing Techniques – IELTS Coaching Centre In Madurai

Carefully Read the Question

Read the question carefully and thoroughly. Recognize all aspects of the question. This comprehension serves as the foundation for your response to the question. Your band score will be affected if you misunderstand or do not understand the question. So, pay close attention while reading the question to ensure that you understand it correctly.

Prepare Your Essay

Plan the points in your mind before writing an essay. Prioritizing essay structure can help you write a better essay. So, properly planning your essay before writing an answer can help you get a good grade. You can plan your essay on the question paper; no additional paper will be provided for this purpose.

Consider Every Aspect of the Question

Task achievement or response is one of the band descriptors in both academic and general training sections. As a result, it is critical to cover all aspects of the task. To satisfy this band descriptor, make sure to answer all of the questions.

Write Independently – IELTS Coaching Centre in Madurai

Write your responses in your native language. If you do not use the exact words from the question, your score will be affected. Writing in your native language can help you improve your articulation and learn new vocabulary.

Do a Brainstorming Session – IELTS Coaching in Madurai

Brainstorming is the process of generating ideas in your mind. After reading the question, ideas may arise in your mind that you must map out in order to present in the form of an essay. Use the 5 minutes to jot down ideas and thoughts that will be useful when writing an essay.

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Repetition Should Be Avoided – IELTS Coaching Centre in Madurai

Because the lexical resource is one of the band descriptors that accounts for 25% of your total score, you must use a wide range of vocabulary. Instead of repeating the same words and ideas, try to introduce new ones.

Examine Your Grammar and Spelling

Another important band descriptor is grammatical range and accuracy. While writing an essay, use simple and complex sentences and check the grammatical structure and sentence structure. The spelling must also be correct. You can spell in either American or British style. If you make grammatical or spelling errors, you will lose points.

Keep In Mind the Word Limit

Academic writing tasks require at least 150 words, whereas general training writing tasks require at least 250 words. You will be penalised if you write fewer than the specified number of words.

Don’t Try To Give the Best Advice or Ideas – IELTS Coaching in Madurai

IELTS examiners will not evaluate your opinions or ideas, but rather how well you use the English language in all of its aspects, including grammar, vocabulary, and so on. As a result, instead of spending too much time generating new and best opinions or ideas, concentrate on writing English well.

Use a Variety of Vocabulary

When preparing for the IELTS, the first step is to learn new vocabulary. Also, try to incorporate those vocabularies into your practise. As a result, when taking the IELTS writing exam, you can add new and diverse vocabulary. The band score is also affected by vocabulary.


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